Bus Riders Unite!

What is Bus Riders Unite?

Bus Riders Unite is the Portland Metro region's transit union, dedicated to advancing better public transportation for all!  Those of us who are ride transit know the issues that we confront on a daily basis, and how to solve them. By uniting around issues such as

  • Safety and de-militarization
  • Affordability and access
  • Anti-discrimination and unfair targeting of BIPOC & low-income communities
  • Updated infrastructure 
  • Increased service and routes
  • Real community engagement

and other Environmental Justice and civil rights issues, we come together to create change.  We organize our community by talking to other riders about joining our campaigns, and getting training on how to move our communities forward.

You can join us by checking out our monthly BRU meetings (now online)!  Just email our BRU Community Organizer at [email protected] 

Please consider donating to OPAL to support environmental, racial, and economic justice.