OPAL staff and membership gathered outdoors watching Street Theater event for Up with Riders with a person behind the curtain smiling at camera

Your donation will build the movement for justice in Oregon. Black and Indigenous people, people of color, and those with lower incomes disproportionately bear the impacts of climate, environmental, economic, and social injustice. OPAL is building a movement for change, organizing and activating leaders in BIPOC and low-income communities to take action. By making a significant donation, we will have the resources necessary to sustain a powerful statewide movement to end environmental racism and build environmental justice in Oregon.

OPAL has been off to an incredible start in 2024 with a fresh team led by a triad of BIPOC and femme Co-Executive Directors who are dedicated, passionate, and committed to working together to move OPAL’s work forward. OPAL Environmental Justice is one of only a few frontline environmental & racial justice organizations in Oregon.

Our current staff of nine, who all identify as BIPOC, queer, femme, and/or disabled, are leading OPAL’s work on environmental and social justice through a gender justice lens, with skill-building around grassroots organizing, leadership development, and political education through a popular education framework. Through the 2024 election and beyond, OPAL’s work this year will help to strengthen our community’s capacity for civic engagement. Our ongoing Go Fareless! campaign strives to make public transportation accessible for all in the Portland metropolitan area. Our work is far from over and your donation has a direct impact!

OPAL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible. Our tax ID number is 20-2782595.

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Please consider donating to OPAL to support environmental, racial, and economic justice.