Organizing People Activating Leaders

OPAL is a grass-roots organization aiming to build bases, fortify movements, and activate leaders in BIPOC and low-income communities.

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OPAL brings attention to movements which impact BIPOC and low-income communities.

Youthpass to the Future

Youthpass is currently only available to high school age youth in the PPS school district which is predominately white and affluent. Students in David Douglas and Parkrose in East Portland, which are predominately BIPOC and low-income don’t have access to free transit- limiting their ability to get to school, jobs, extracurricular activities, safer spaces, and their communities. The LGM 2020 Measure would ensure that all youth in the region would have access to free public transportation

Let's Get Moving 2020

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A successful community is built on a solid foundation of social infrastructure. It's essential to invest in good schools, libraries, and parks that serve everyone in the community, but what if you can't safely get there because there's no way to cross the busy street, the bus doesn't get you to work on time, or you can't afford a car? The transportation investments included in Measure 26-218 will radically improve and transform the ability for people of all ages and abilities to walk, roll, and access transit to get to work, school, parks, grocery stores, libraries, medical appointments, places of worship, and -- most importantly -- back home. Bus Riders Unite and Youth Environmental Justice Alliance, and member-led bases have endorsed Measure 26-218.

Environmental Justice Values

Frontline Leadership – The people most impacted should be fairly treated, and meaningfully involved in decision-making.

Self Determination – No one can claim to represent us. We speak for ourselves: youth, bus riders, renters, everyone.

Solidarity – Our organizing and campaigns must work to end all systems of oppression.

Environmental Justice Demands

Racial Justice – Black, Indigenous and people of color’s (BIPOC) ability to move safely through public spaces, educational institutions, personal spaces and inform decisions that impact them is a human right!

Gender Justice – Trans, non-binary and womxn identified people’s ability to move safely without fear of sexual harassment, assault, or unwelcome and non-consensual actions is a human right!

Accessible Spaces – Ability-centered, green public spaces, culturally-relevant food, and sustainable, thriving-wage employment in our communities is a human right!

Climate Justice – Clean air, water, and soil in communities resilient to climate change is a human right!

Transportation Justice – Safe, accessible, affordable, efficient, and decriminalized mass and active transportation is a human right!

Housing Justice – Safe, accessible, affordable, dignified, and stable housing choice is a human right!

The OPAL office is located in the notable Jade district of the unceded territory of Portland, OR. A comprehensive map of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island in this area is available here.

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