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YOUTHPASS is so close to victory! Will you show your support? Donate, volunteer and pledge your commitment to transit justice for BIPOC youth in East Portland!

A YES vote for Measure 26-218 means investments that will radically improve and transform the ability for people of all ages and abilities to move safely through the region and access transit.


Frontline Leadership – The people most impacted should be fairly treated, and meaningfully involved in decision-making.

Self Determination – No one can claim to represent us. We speak for ourselves: youth, bus riders, renters, everyone.

Solidarity – Our organizing and campaigns must work to end all systems of oppression.


Racial Justice – Black, Indigenous and people of color’s (BIPOC) ability to move safely through public spaces, educational institutions, personal spaces and inform decisions that impact them is a human right!

Gender Justice – Trans, gender non-conforming and womxn identified people’s ability to move safely without fear of sexual harassment, assault or unwelcome and non-consensual actions is a human right!

Accessible Spaces – Green public spaces, culturally-relevant food, and sustainable, thriving-wage employment in our communities is a human right!

Climate Justice – Clean air, water, and soil in communities resilient to climate change is a human right!

Transportation Justice – Safe, accessible, affordable, efficient, and decriminalized mass and active transportation is a human right!

Housing Justice – Safe, accessible, affordable and stable housing choice is a human right!