Since 2006 OPAL has been fighting to create safer and healthy places for our communities to live, work, pray, learn, and play.

Bus Riders Unite won a $10M Low Income Fare program for riders of TriMet through grassroots organizing.

Youth Environmental Justice Alliance won an expansion of YouthPass to East Portland schools through developing young leaders.

OPAL won Inclusionary Zoning by leading a statewide coalition to demand this affordable housing tool.

Developed 40+ youth leaders annually Built coalitions to drive local, regional, and state policy Secured $1.3M low-income rider mitigation fund Won an extended 2.5 hour bus transfer through our Campaign for a Fair Transfer  Saved YouthPass program from repeated threats of budget cuts  Won reduction in youth fares  Established Transit Equity Advisory Committee to TriMet  Established Youth Environmental Justice Alliance  Led broad coalition to repeal statewide prohibition on Inclusionary Zoning  Won City update of density bonus policy for affordable housing; Developed “Best Practices” guidelines for state agencies through Oregon EJ Task Force $111 million investment from the state of Oregon for statewide transit

Other victories include:

Developed BRU Budget Alternative to propose equitable budget priorities

Improved key bus stops prioritized by riders

Prevented elimination of cash transfers in E-Fare implementation

Secured agreement to phase in E-Fare, with a free introductory period

Organized Two Annual Youth Transit Justice Days of Action

Facilitated seven years of the Organizer-in-Training program for emerging youth leaders of color

Built a multiracial climate justice table with explicit environmental justice lens

Partnered with ROSE CDC to support the Lents Youth Initiative and Lents Green Ring

Exposed use of TriMet’s Contingency Fund for secret Executive Raises

Acted as lead author of Metro’s Equity Strategy Framework Report

Secured major changes in Metro’s understanding/approach to Title VI analysis of projects

Founded the Transportation Justice Alliance

Changed TriMet Board Meeting rules to include public comment on issues prior to board votes

Discovered TriMet Clean Air Act violation of “Transportation Control Measures” that are part of our region’s Carbon Monoxide Maintenance Plan (TriMet and Metro later received a rule change from EPA rather than change transit service levels to satisfy the old rule.)

Significant prior and ongoing efforts to improve Metro’s public engagement practices

Last updated 2/1/2018


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