OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon – Press Kit

Buildfour-circlesing Power for Environmental Justice and Civil Rights in our Communities

Founded in 2006 by and for low-income people and people of color, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon is the membership-driven hub at the center of our region’s movement for environmental justice.

Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice (EJ) addresses how people experience their environment: the places where we live, work, learn, play and pray. OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon works at the intersection of Transportation, Housing, Land Use and Climate Policy.

Who gets to live where, and why? This question is rooted in economic, social and racial justice. We’re fighting back against historic inequality.

OPAL stands for Organizing People, Activating Leaders. People in power ignore us, while we experience unsafe, unhealthy living conditions. To make them listen, we develop leadership among low-income people and people of color through grassroots organizing, political education, and skill-building. Our community identifies our campaign demands.

testifyWe are

People of Color, Low-Income, Transit-Dependent, People with Disabilities, Women, Youth, Seniors, and Workers

Our Allies Include Non-profits, Businesses, Faith Communities, Academics, Health Providers, Philanthropists, Individuals


We Demand

Housing Justice

…Protections for renters

…State and local inclusionary housing policies

Quality housing we can afford

Transportation Justice

…Frequent, affordable, accessible and efficient mass and active transit for greater mobility and access to opportunity

Climate Justice

Climate action to benefit our communities first and most, as we are the communities most impacted by climate change

Sustainable Revitalization

…Parks, green spaces, and brownfield restoration in our communities

…Green, living-wage jobs, including mass transit jobs, for our communities


Our Key Programs

fistsBus Riders Unite (BRU)

Portland’s transit riders union. BRU has won extended transfer times, a $1.3M low-income rider fund, bus stop safety improvements, and increased Trimet accountability

 Youth Environmental Justice Alliance (YEJA)

A movement by youth, for youth to build power for EJ. YEJA organizes campaigns and workshops to advance youth priorities.

Organizers-In-Training (OIT)

Summer leadership development program fully funded by OPAL donors. Empowering the next generation of grassroots community organizers and activists in our communities.

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