Every Summer, OPAL engages the young, dynamic organizers of the future in an intensive training program. Organizers-in-Training (OIT) combines Environmental Justice Theory, community field work, and transformational leadership development.

We prioritize emerging leaders from communities of color and low-income, and work to build leadership within those communities, which are so often shut out of opportunity. We apply a broad, challenging curriculum based in racial, social and environmental justice, including training on:

Critical Race Theory

Social Movement Theory

Narrative-Based Strategy

We draw on our region’s rich base of activists and academics to lead workshops on:

Nonviolent Communication

Theater of the Oppressed

and Story of Self

Seasoned community organizers teach the basics of base-building and lead daily organizing shifts in target communities. OITs hone their people skills and put theory into action. Whether it’s on the bus, at the community center, or in an apartment complex, OITs are out among the people, leading efforts to improve the places where we live, work, learn, pray, and play. At the end of the program, OITs launch a culminating action to advance an EJ priority campaign.

OITs earn a monthly stipend and transit pass for their hard work. OITs receive love and support as members of the OPAL family, through the program and beyond.

OIT creates a positive impact in our community. Learn more about past OIT graduates.

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