Text: People's Climate Movement. "People's" is underlined.

April 29th People’s Climate Movement: Portland, OR

Climate Action Rooted In Justice! On April 29th, we mobilize! OPAL and our partners in the Oregon Just Transition Alliance are calling on Oregon’s Environmental Justice communities and anyone who stands with people of color and low income people to join the movements for […]

Picture of YEJA members standing by a wall. Posters in the background. Most of them wear OPAL t-shirts.

OPAL Partners with Oregon Walks and Community Cycling Center

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon, Community Cycling Center, and Oregon Walks are pleased to announce the receipt of a joint Kaiser Permanente Community Fund (KPCF) grant award. The Youth Environmental Justice Alliance, OPAL’s youth organizing membership body, has received the two-year investment to enhance their […]

Graphic of the outline of the state of Oregon.

It’s Our Movement Moment

For the last 11 years, OPAL has organized the people who are most impacted by environmental injustice: people of color, low-income people, and working families. Together we’ve created campaigns around the vision of a safer, healthier environment. We’ve won safer bus stops, $1.3M in […]

Portland City Council room. Video above on the wall showing Vivian testifying.

OPAL Makes History: Portland Passes Inclusionary Zoning

Today, after years of advocacy at the state and local level, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon secured a great victory. Inclusionary Zoning is now official policy in the City of Portland, the first jurisdiction in the state of Oregon to do so. Beginning in February, […]

Graphic of OPAL's logo. A small person and then two larger people behind surrounded by a circle.

OPAL Members Win Big in 2016

The Board and Staff at OPAL are so proud of our members and allies, and our many successes in 2016. As we head toward the end of the year and the season of giving, we want to thank them publicly for the work they’ve […]

Head shot of Maria.

Maria Hernandez: Everything Starts With People

OPAL is pleased to announce the hire of our new Advocacy Coordinator, Maria Hernandez! Her passion for community control over decision making started at an early age: Maria comes from the small town of Cruz de Aguilar Romita Guanajuato, where only 550 individuals live, […]

Picture of dirt with a shovel stuck into it. Person's hands hold a small plant that they are about to put into the ground.

Jade Greening: An Oregon Solution

(This article is part two of a three-part series about Jade Greening, a project to bring environmental justice to our community. Read part one here.) Because the Jade District lacks a tree canopy, and is boxed in by transportation corridors, this majority-minority population of our […]

Screenshot of a youtube video. Person speaking into a microphone. Caption reads: Direlle Calica, J.D., Warm Springs, affiliated tribes of northwest Indians.

VIDEO: OPAL Celebrates Indigenous Leadership

OPAL is proud to celebrate Native American Heritage Month and to uplift the history of indigenous leadership in the movement for Environmental Justice. The struggle of Indigenous people for self-determination, and the right to traditional lands, is the first struggle for Environmental Justice on […]

Graphic. Pin that says vote in the middle. Red, white and blue stripes and stars.

Environmental Justice in the 2016 Election

NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect accurate ballot titles. In 2016, Oregon voters will decide a variety of issues. As a nonprofit, OPAL won’t be recommending who to vote for elected office. But ballot measure campaigns are different because you’re the decision maker. We […]

Picture of BRU members. Jen holds an OPAL banner in the background. Orlando holds a poster that looks like an envelope from Bus riders Unit to Neil McFrlane and Doug Kelsey at TriMet. Orlando is wearing an OPAL t-shirt and is speaking into a microphone.

We’re Winning, But We’re Not Done

E-Fare, TriMet’s costly new change in the way that riders pay for the bus, has the potential to make buses less accessible across the region. Fortunately, Bus Riders Unite is paying attention to these changes. We’re stopping some of the scarier changes from happening […]