Bus Riders Unite!

Bus Riders Unite, a project of OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon, is a membership organization launched in 2010 that represents transit-dependent people.

Our Victories

Won Low-Income Fare equity campaign

Secured $1.3M low-income rider mitigation fund

Won an extended 2.5 hour bus transfer

Developed BRU Budget Alternative for an equitable budget

Improved key bus stops prioritized by riders

Established Transit Equity Advisory Committee to TriMet

Prevented elimination of cash transfers in E-Fare implementation

Secured agreement to phase in E-Fare, with a free introductory period

Exposed use of TriMet’s Contingency Fund for secret Executive Raises

Acted as lead author of Metro’s Equity Strategy Framework Report

Secured major changes in Metro’s approach to Title VI analysis of projects

Founded the Transportation Justice Alliance

Changed TriMet Board Meeting rules to include public comment on issues prior to board votes

Discovered TriMet Clean Air Act violation of “Transportation Control Measures” that are part of our region’s Carbon Monoxide Maintenance Plan

Significant ongoing efforts to improve Metro’s public engagement practices

Get Involved

Join BRU today - BRU members and supporters help shape campaigns and vote in annual BRU Steering Committee Elections.

Read the BRU Policies and Procedures.

Join the OPAL Mailing List.

Check our Events Calendar for the precise dates, times and locations of our events and other ways to get involved!

First Saturday Organizing: 
We're the experts on what transit riders experience in Portland, because no one talks to more riders than we do! Out on the buses, waiting at the bus stop and transit centers, we're having conversations and making connections to inform our work for transit justice.

Sound like something you could get on board with? Join us for breakfast, an orientation, and then some time out on the buses talking to fellow transit riders. 12pm - 2pm, transit tickets included.

Last Thursday Membership Activity: 

We rotate between membership meetings, popular education, and social activities. Come one come all!

Our monthly meeting is rich with conversation, and operates as an educational space to learn about community organizing, local political issues, and trainings to recruit news bus riders. We also have a structure which has committees that you can join to work on issues that are important to you.

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