Up With Riders!

Recent Updates:

UWR is our campaign to stop fare hikes and win expansion of fareless, decriminalized public transportation.

This campaign incorporates what we’ve learned from nearly a decade of studying these issues and talking to transit users about their desires.

We no longer accept that transportation must be a private, for-profit system that excludes and criminalizes our communities, chokes our airways and streets, and destabilizes our climate.

We demand a truly public transportation system that is fareless, decriminalized, and deprioritizes private cars.

Mass transit must become a public service which excludes no person due to lack of payment, is controlled democratically by the people who rely most upon it, and serves everyone to the maximum extent possible.

Private companies which have long exploited public roadways and airways for profit must pay for the damage they have done to our cities. Major corporations have used our streets to gather resources at our expense. They must contribute to transforming our system.

Down with fares. Down with transit cops and climate pollution. Down with air toxics. Down with congestion. Down with undemocratic control over the decisions impacting our lives.

Up with riders!

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This page will host resources and action updates to advance the campaign. Stay tuned!

Wanna spread the word to other bus riders? Have access to a printer? Click Here to Download the Up With Riders One-Sheet (PDF).

Up With Riders! Policy Solutions

Stop Fare Hikes! Fareless Transit is Possible!

Ridership goes up when fares go down!

Start With YouthPass: Raise the Youth Age to 18 

Youth of color outside of the urban center receive unequal access to free transit. Getting youth on the bus creates the transit riders of the future.

Bus-only Lanes! Stop Congested Transit!

Priority lanes will get buses out of traffic and back on schedule. Increased reliability and efficiency will increase ridership.


Improve Service for Our Communities!

Expanding service outside the urban core, to where our communities have been gentrified, will increase ridership.


Make Uber Pay! Rideshares are Congestion!

Rideshare companies are clogging our streets and making billions off our transportation needs. Public transportation enhancements should be subsidized by the profit-driven apps.

No Transit Police! Unarmed, Union Rider Advocates!

We feel safer without police on public transit. Bring back the rider advocate program.

Prioritize Service and Access Before Technology Purchases!

Capital expenses and electric buses are great – if people can actually ride them. Most light rail projects could as easily be accomplished with buses or bus rapid transit (BRT). We should ensure ridership is increasing before making expensive technological upgrades.