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OPAL is currently engaging low-income youth of color from East Portland in the Youth Environmental Justice Alliance, where they are organizing a broad movement to preserve and extend YouthPass, free transit passes given to some high school students in our region which do not reach some of the high schools with large nonwhite and low income riders. The campaign launched on November 14th, 2015. In March, YEJA held a campaign action at target schools, and began meeting with leaders and decision-makers.

Bus Riders Unite launched a campaign for a Low-Income Fare on March 18th, 2016. Pictures and video here. BRU’s campaign is based around a rider-developed alternative to Trimet’s upcoming transition to electronic fare, to reduce the upfront costs and enable low-income riders to receive a reduced fare.

OPAL and a statewide coalition of partners recently won Inclusionary Zoning in Oregon. Though the policy is not all that we’d hoped, it’s a step toward reducing racial and economic segregation and improving housing affordability. Before our effort was successful, Oregon was one of only two states which didn’t allow the use of this common-sense tool to increase access to affordable housing.

We’re currently partnered with Anti-Displacement PDX to advance anti-displacement measures into the Portland Comprehensive plan.

We convene the Transportation Justice Alliance to advance equity among transportation partners, and transportation advocacy among equity partners, and are on the steering committee of the Transportation for Oregon’s Future Table advancing statewide transportation solutions.

In response to longstanding air-toxics issues in Portland, we’re working to push for a statewide regulatory solution. Hear and read our Executive Director’s testimony from late February 2016: click here.

OPAL is engaged in youth development work in the Lents neighborhood though the Lents Youth Initiative, in partnership with ROSE CDC.

We’re co-leading a project with the Native American Youth and Family Center and the Coalition of Communities of Color to organize and advance a multiracial movement for more climate-resilient communities, influencing policy decisions like the City-County joint Climate Action Plan, Metro’s Climate Smart Communities, and other impending investments in housing, transportation and workforce development.

OPAL is participating in the steering committee for the Powell-Division High Capacity Transit corridor, advancing environmental justice values of anti-displacement and self-determination.

This page will be updated with relevant links and new campaigns as our work moves forward. For information about past campaigns and victories, click here.

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