Photo of a sign that reads: Thanks Bus Riders Unite, extra half hour. Next to the words is the image of a very large bus pass which says 2.5 hours at the bottom.

VIDEO: Low Income Fare Launch Recap

Bus Riders Unite are organizing around a rider-created alternative to TriMet’s planned electronic fare system. On Friday March 18th, riders rallied and held a press conference to state our demands: a low-income fare, expanded retail network, and multi-rder or family card. “Bus riders are […]

Seattle’s Low-Income Fare A Huge Success

“The success of ORCA LIFT shows the rest of the country how transit can be part of the solution to our nation’s growing income inequality,” said Executive Constantine. “By helping more people get to that higher-paying job or college class, we are helping passengers […]

Graphic of three black hands clenched in fists around the cord that is used to request that the bus stop.In the background, a bus window.

3/18 Campaign Launch Event

On Friday, March 18th at 3pm, Bus Riders Unite (BRU) will kick off the 2016 BRU priority campaign: a low-income fare and E-Fare alternatives. The event is at the JAMS space at 82nd and Division. The fight for environmental justice is a marathon. We […]

Graphic of people holding hands in a circle. In the middle of the circle is an orange square resembling the shape of the state of Oregon with the the image of a house on it.

Media Alert: Oregon Housing Law Hijacked

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Shawn Fleek,, 503-915-5192 OREGON HOUSING LAW HIJACKED State Lawmakers Let Homebuilders Rewrite Laws In Secret The foxes are running the hen house: homebuilders and developers are now rewriting Oregon’s housing laws. Our preferred bill was one sentence long. It […]