Sign Our Letter: No Fare Hikes!

Photo of people carrying signs. Several of the signs say Why Pay more for less?

TriMet’s new General Manager Doug Kelsey is pushing for higher transit fares. He says “we haven’t [raised fares] in nine years.” Such a move would make our daily commute more expensive. When fares go up, ridership goes down. It causes a downward spiral that leads to transit system collapse. Public transit should serve as a core regional strategy to relieve congestion, reduce climate pollution, and improve air quality. Transit is a more equitable and just form of transportation. Many low income people and people of color depend on transit for mobility.

This proposed fare hike is unacceptable.

In the Summer of 2018, Bus Riders Unite and our allies won the Low Income Fare Program, allowing low-income riders to sign up to pay lower fares. The price of fare remains the same for everyone else, and is set to skyrocket beginning in 2020.

Sign on below to tell the TriMet Board to enact a moratorium on fare hikes!

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