YES ON SB 608 – Stable Homes

Objective: Strengthen and defend tenant protections for Oregon residents. Remove barriers for local governments to address the housing affordability crisis. Support state investments that increase access to, and supply of, affordable homes.

Issue: Environmental Justice communities in the global south are being displaced by climate change, and coming to the US to seek refuge. Within our country, Oregon faces an inadequate supply of affordable homes alongside rising rents, no-cause evictions, persistent homelessness, and a lack of local tools to address these issues. Renters and working families are continually priced out of their neighborhoods. Vulnerable families and individuals are at increased risk of experiencing homelessness.

What's In The Bill: Currently, landlords may terminate a tenancy without providing a reason, severely disrupting tenants’ lives and putting them at risk of homelessness. These evictions can also serve as a cover for retaliation when a tenant has requested a repair, or for discrimination. We all deserve the safety and stability of a home, without fear of eviction for no reason or a rent increase that will displace us from our communities pushing us further from accessing lifeline services. People who rent their homes may often either experience no cause evictions after asking for repairs or asserting their rights, or fear speaking up because of no cause evictions.


Video: Law- Senate Bill 608 101




Want to learn what Senate Bill 608 does? Learn more by watching this video which breaks down what the new law means.



Thank you to Oregon Law Center and Legal Aid Services of Oregon for creating and sharing the video. 



Governor signs SB 608!

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Governor Brown's signature today of SB 608 comes after several years of hard work of renters, advocates, and allies. Over the course of several public hearings and news stories about SB 608, elected leaders heard us. They have heard from nurses, teachers, landlords, faith leaders, doctors, business owners, realtors, and more, who share the view that no cause evictions and extreme rent increases are harming our communities. 

Upon signature of the Governor today, SB 608 became law, effective immediately. SB 608:

  • Provides protection from no cause evictions for tenants after the first year of occupancy; and
  • Provides statewide protection from economic evictions by limiting rent increases to no more than seven percent plus the consumer price index percentage. It exempts regulated affordable housing (which is already protected by limits on rent increases), and new construction for the first fifteen years.

SB 608, is only the beginning to fighting for stronger renter protections. We will continue to advocate for housing rights as they are human rights. 



Calling All Tenants!

**Please share widely***

Calling all Oregon tenants!

Senate Bill 608 has done what so many thought was impossible: it passed out of the Oregon Senate 17-11. Now that we've jumped the first hurdle, we have one more to go, in order to get this on Governor Brown's desk to make this into law.

Next Monday, February 18, the final hearing for the bill will be held at 5pm. This is our opportunity to show how strong Oregon's renters really are. We need to turn up and turn out in big numbers, sharing what it means to us that lawmakers, after TWO LONG YEARS, have finally heard our demands. Don't be fooled, anti-tenant groups and profiteering landlords will be showing up in full force with money and power behind them; power they've built from our rents. We have the power of the people, let's demonstrate it!

Join us to show Salem what community power really looks like.

What: House Committee on Human Services and Housing
When: Monday, February 18th
4pm - Show up to sign up to give testimony. You must be present to sign for yourself, and no one else. It will be crowded, so please be ready for a long line.

5pm - The Hearing Begins. We think there will be hundreds of testifiers, both for and opposed to tenant protections. Please come ready to kick up your feet and stay till late in the evening before the Committee takes the vote to move the bill to the House Floor.

Carpools are being set up all over the state. OPAL Fam, join us!

Transportation? Childcare? Interpretation?
Call or Email Maria Hernandez Segoviano to RSVP 503-719-9146 or

Can't come in person, submit your testimony in support. 

Testimony Details:

  • Address your letter to: Chair Keny-Guyer, Vice Chair Noble, Vice Chair Sanchez and Members of the Committee
  • State your name and share what city or town you live in;
  • Share your story in relation to unjust cause evictions, rent increases and/or your why housing affordability and stability is important to you;
  • Make your ask to legislators. 

Submit your testimony to this email: before Friday (2/15) or as soon as you can. 

If you need any support in writing your testimony, please email or call Maria Hernandez Segoviano at 503-719-9146 or





SB 608 is Passed by the Senate!

Senate Bill 608 passed by a 17-11 vote in the Senate. It will now head to the House Committee on Housing and Human Services on Monday. Stay tuned for more updates but for now, let's celebrate this important milestone and celebrate together because people power got the goods! 


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Senate Housing Committee Hearing

On Monday, Senate Bill 608 hold it's first hearing. Tenths of individuals came together to testify in support of the bill over the course of four hours. We thank our members for working with us and bringing their voices to the space.

Check out our organization testimony HERE.


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