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TriMet, trying to be more fair, planning e-fare system Joseph Rose, The Oregonian. July 10, 2013

TriMet, activists spar over service cuts Jim Redden, Portland Tribune. July 8, 2013

TriMet execs receive hidden raises, while fares go up Jeff Gianola, KOIN 6 News. May 15, 2013

Bus Riders Unite! names Portland’s three most ridiculously bad bus stops Michael Andersen, Portland Afoot. May 15, 2013

TriMet’s Youth Pass creates transit riders of the future Nicole Johnson and Jose Lopez Delgado, Guest Opinion, The Oregonian. April 29, 2013

TriMet now says it has ‘open mind’ on extending transfer times to three hours Michael Andersen, Portland Afoot. April 24, 2013

TriMet execs receive big pay increases, even as agency increases fares  Joseph Rose, The Oregonian. March 12, 2013

TriMet managers quietly gave themselves raises just before fare hike Michael Andersen, March 11, 2013


TriMet Board Kills Free Rail Zone, Approves Fare Hike. Willamette Week. June 13, 2012.

TriMet needs to make sure changes don’t leave some customers without options.  Oregonian Editorial. March 29, 2012.

Occupy Portland Rides TriMet to Protest Cuts and Fare Increases KATU, Channel 2, April 4, 2012

TriMet Union, Occupy Portland Team Up for Protest KPTV, Fox 12 channel, April 4, 2012

Coalition to Fight TriMet Budget by Jim Redden, Portland Tribune, March 23, 2012


Nickeled and Dimed Sarah Mirk, Portland Mercury, Sept 9, 2010
TriMet Fare Increase: Rally for the Bus Lisa Loving, Skanner, Sept 1, 2010
Riders protest TriMet fares, service cuts KGW News Channel 8 Sept 1, 2010
Protesters Fight Fare Increase, Service Cuts Fox 12 Oregon Sept 1, 2010

Trimet and taxpayers: Bus riders’ dismay grows one nickel at a time Susan Nielsen, The Oregonian Sept 1, 2010

Protesters Rally In Response to TriMet Fare Increase Jason Slotkin, Willamette Week Sept 1, 2010

Public Transt and Civil Rights with OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon Lisa Loving, KBOO Sept 1, 2010

Got Any Spare Change?  Riders will need it to ride TriMet Joseph Rose, Oregonian August 31, 2010

The Other Bus Project August 26, 2010

Protest Planned Against TriMet Cuts Sarah Mirk, Portland Mercury August 18, 2010

Murmurs Willamette Week, August 18, 2010

Johnell Bell Hired as TriMet Director of Equity & Diversity [OPAL Transit Equity Committee Proposal], The Skanner, September 2, 2011

How TriMet Bus Riders Want to Fight Back Sarah Mirk, Portland Mercury, February 22, 2011

Measure 26-119: A vote for social, economic and environmental justice Joseph Santos-Lyons and Grayce Bentley Op-Ed Oregonian Oct 22, 2010

On the streets with OPAL, Portland’s brainy new bus advocates Michael Anderson, Portland Afoot September 1, 2010

Bus-ted Sarah Mirk, Portland Mercury

TriMet to ask Voters for $125 Million for Buses Oregonian August 11, 2010

TriMet Buses and Lightrail at Crossroads OPB August 11, 2010

OPAL working with the Audubon Society Oregonian July 16, 2010

East Portland Bus Riders Get Organized Oregonian June 6, 2010

Asians Respond to Green Economy Oregonian June 20, 2010

OPAL Op-Ed Oregonian May 14, 2010

Just What Fred Hansen Needed Oregonian May 13, 2010

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