Graphic of OPAL's logo. A small person and then two larger people behind surrounded by a circle. Text: People's Climate Movement. "People's" is underlined. Large group of people, most with fists in the air. People hold an OPAL banner. Picture of BRU members. Jen holds an OPAL banner in the background. Orlando holds a poster that looks like an envelope from Bus riders Unit to Neil McFrlane and Doug Kelsey at TriMet. Orlando is wearing an OPAL t-shirt and is speaking into a microphone. Youth rally outside Multnomah County for YouthPass expansion. Picture. Group in OPAL T-shirts. Banner reads, youth for transit justice. Other signs read, are you gonna give me a ride to school? Picture. Two people wearing OPAL T-shirts. Both have clip boards. One of the people is wearing a hat covered in pins. Voices 2017 Poster, features event details and intersecting images of people and issues.

Movement Updates

Yellow text on black background, reading "True or False on Youth Transit"

VIDEO: True or False: Youth Transit

The Youth Environmental Justice Alliance has created a video to dispel some myths about youth use of transit and their campaign, YouthPass to the Future. Watch the video below, and click the buttons to share with your networks!


UPDATE: Metro Responds to OPAL Letter!

Two weeks ago, OPAL signed on to a letter with a broad coalition of organizations to demand that Trimet, Metro, and the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT) support a robust and comprehensive regional infrastructure bond measure. You can find out more details […]

Picture of Portland from far away that shows hazy air. You can make out a mountain in the distance.

Cleaner Air Oregon Results: Good, Bad and Ugly

Following the uproar in Portland over air toxics early last year, Governor Brown brought together a new process, Cleaner Air Oregon (CAO). So far, it’s been a series of meetings which have taken place across the state with a combination of industry, grassroots, and […]

Huy and baby Rosalia smile as Huy delivers his prepared remarks.

Recap: Huy Hour at Zoiglhaus

Wednesday evening, March 22nd, at Zoiglhaus Brewing Company, community members came together to celebrate one year of Huy Ong serving as OPAL’s Executive Director. We’re so thankful to everyone who came out to make the event a fun, entertaining and inspiring gathering of the […]

Picture. Two way traffic on a large road. Cars turning. Bicyclist is walking his walk across the street in a cross walk.

OPAL, Partners to TriMet & JPACT: “Portland Must Do Better”

Last week, OPAL was proud to sign on to a letter with a broad coalition demanding that TriMet and the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT) make serious investments in the future of our region’s transportation system. Partners signing on to the letter […]

A prisoner in handcuffs and an orange prison jumpsuit. The jumpsuit has the "Trimet Riders Club" logo on the back.

Riders Say “JAIL NO!”

Did you hear the news? Trimet snuck an $11M transit jail into their new budget. Bus Riders first heard the news on February 22nd. We held internal meetings to ask: what’s the Bus Riders Unite response? At March 22nd’s Trimet Board Meeting, we were […]


Environmental Justice demands:

Transportation Justice

…Frequent, affordable, accessible and efficient mass and active transit for greater mobility and access to opportunity

...Reduced auto emissions for public health

housing-circle-watermarkHousing Justice

Protections for renters

…State and local inclusionary housing policies

Quality housing we can afford

climate-circle-watermarkClimate Justice

Climate action to benefit us first and most, as we are the communities most impacted by climate change

...Action to reduce toxics in our air, water and soil.

green-circle-watermarkGreen Justice

…Parks, green spaces, tree canopy and brownfield restoration for community livability

…Green, living-wage jobs in mass transit, infrastructure construction and maintenance, energy, and weatherization

Visit or Contact us:

3202 SE 82nd Ave.
(corner of 82nd and Kelly)
Portland, OR 97266

Trimet bus lines:
#4, #9, #72

Phone: (503) 774-4503


[ map ]

Our Mission:

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon builds power for Environmental Justice and Civil Rights in our communities. We organize low-income communities and people of color to achieve a safe and healthy environment where we live, work, learn, play and pray. We strive to create opportunities for meaningful participation in decision making.

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