Oregon Just Transition Alliance

Oregon Just Transition Alliance (OJTA) is a project of OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, Beyond Toxics, Pineros y Campesinos el Noroeste (PCUN), Rural Organizing Project, and Unite Oregon.

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What’s a Just Transition?

It’s a framework for looking at how environmental and climate justice can address longstanding economic inequality – bringing all movements for justice under a single unified frame. We’re coming together to make sure our voices are heard, and that the new economy works for everyone.

Learn more about Just Transitions, watch this short video:

Why are these groups leading Oregon’s Just Transition?

Because we’re all grassroots organizers who develop the leadership of people who are highly-impacted by Environmental and Climate Injustice. Frontline community members must reclaim the leadership over the Just Transition. Membership organizations with a base of grassroots supporters keep our project on track to meet the needs of our communities.  Read our core principles, here. 

What’s the plan?

Partnership. Cooperation. Mutual support. Showing up and throwing down for each other. Building a movement of movements. We’re going to end the bad, build the good, move our money, change the system, and change the story. We’ll be done once we solve the Ecological Crisis, the Economic Crisis, and the Crisis of Empire. Until then, we’re sticking together.

Important Dates:

In April, we held the People’s Climate Movement March in Portland, co-hosted by our partners from across the state. Click here to read the recap!

In early September, we hosted Oregon’s Just Transition Assembly, a movement-building weekend where we began to identify the shared agenda our communities will advance in the coming years. Moving ahead,
we will contionue to add members and build a movement of movements across our state and region.

Can my organization and I be involved?

YES. Everyone has a role to play in the Just Transition.

Organizations wishing to sign on in support of our alliance can do so here. Mainstream membership organizations, and organizations without a membership base, are encouraged to show their support for a Just Transition led by low-income people and people of color and the organizations we join.

Individuals who want to find their role in this work: click here.

Read the original announcement about this statewide coalition-building here.