HB 2326: Youth Transportation

Objective: Strengthen and support investments in access to transportation. 

Issue: Transportation is central to everyone’s life, but not all residents are able to enjoy the benefits of this human right. More importantly, those most impacted by the inequitable investment are significantly excluded from the very decision-making process that produces those unjust outcomes. Transit is a lifeline for many people and can mean the difference between a being able to go to school, safe housing, and access to services and recreation. Our current transportation system has many direct adverse health consequences, such as asthma, disincentives for physical activity and the associated rise in obesity and chronic illnesses. The goal of making transportation more efficient is not to move people faster and farther but to offer more options and greater access to all the amenities necessary for a healthy life: jobs, education, family, and recreation. Youth need every access point to make sure they thrive. 

What's In The Bill: Provides funding for grant program under which Department of Education awards grants to school districts for percentage of certain student transportation costs for which school district does not receive any amount in distributions from State School Fund or any amount related to transit activities.



Youth Transportation Bill Passes House Education Committee!

On April 1st the House Committee on Education passed HB 2326 out of committee with 8 out of 9 AYE votes (one excused). We want to thank all legislators on the Committee of Education for moving this forward. 


The bill is now heading to the Joint Committee On Student Success, as it gets schedule please feel free to connect with Maria at maria@opalpdx.org for ways in which to activate and sent testimony to committee. 



House Committee on Education Hearing

A public hearing was held for the bill in front of the House Committee on Education in which our Chief Sponsor Rep. McKeown explained the history of this bill. Since 2015 our Youth Environmental Justice Alliance members have been engaged in the conversation of creating more opportunities for transportation justice, we first started with a workgroup.

In 2017, as part of the transportation package our youth won funding for transit as part of HB 4130 which established that 1% of the funding coming to public transportation agencies must be utilized for youth transportation. 

You can watch the recorded hearing meeting HERE and check out OPAL's testimony HERE

Work session is coming up on April 1st- stay tune. 


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