Defend YouthPass

YouthPass city hall
Objective: Win Fareless Youth Transit Access for As Many Youth As Possible

Issue: Study after study shows that when youth have access to public transit, they don't jsut do better in school: they have better health, economic, and community outcomes as well. For more than 20 years, youth transit access has been inequitably offered to students in our region. Only those who attend Portland Public Schools - which is a whiter, wealthier school district - have had reliable access to YouthPass. Youth in East Portland won expanded transit access through the work of the Youth Environmental Justice Alliance in 2017, but the City of Portland cut the funding in 2018. Now, youth at some East Portland schools are poised to lose access to YouthPass, though the program has been very successful, particularly at Parkrose High School.

Our Immediate Goal:

  • We want TriMet to reallocate resources to Parkrose High School to preserve this program for the remainder of the school year. With hundreds of youth relying on the free passes, the end of the school year could get much harder without student transit access.

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