Picture of YEJA members standing by a wall. Posters in the background. Most of them wear OPAL t-shirts.

OPAL Partners with Oregon Walks and Community Cycling Center

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon, Community Cycling Center, and Oregon Walks are pleased to announce the receipt of a joint Kaiser Permanente Community Fund (KPCF) grant award. The Youth Environmental Justice Alliance, OPAL’s youth organizing membership body, has received the two-year investment to enhance their […]

Drawing. Brown hand holds green letters spelling out YEJA. Underneath the hand are the words youth environmental justice alliance.

Youth Leaders Convene Stakeholders Meeting

On December 9th, Youth Environmental Justice Alliance (YEJA) leaders co-convened a meeting of key stakeholders at City Hall to discuss the future of YouthPass. Since YEJA launched the YouthPass to the Future campaign last year, our youth have been leading the conversation of how […]

Graphic of OPAL's logo. A small person and then two larger people behind surrounded by a circle.

OPAL Members Win Big in 2016

The Board and Staff at OPAL are so proud of our members and allies, and our many successes in 2016. As we head toward the end of the year and the season of giving, we want to thank them publicly for the work they’ve […]


2016 Movement Give Guide

  Where do we go from here? At our core, OPAL is about grassroots organizing for community and social change. And after a highly divisive election and its subsequent protests, many people want to know what can be done to keep our communities safe. […]

Three YEJA members standing in the front of a classroom. Screen with slideshow in the background.

YEJA Will Present at OSOCC 2017!

Youth Environmental Justice Alliance leaders will be featured speakers at the Oregon Students of Color Coalition (OSOCC) annual Conference, taking place November 11th-13th at Oregon State University. YEJA will feature alongside radical organizers and presenters who fight for and win major victories for social, racial, […]

Picture of two teenagers, smiling. One holds a sign that reads I support Measure ninety seven because education is the key to success.

YEJA Leaders Support Measure 97

In an ideal world, Oregon schools would have the highest graduation rates. Every student regardless of race, gender, or economic background would have all the opportunities and resources to succeed. But we do not live in ideal world. And certainly, the Oregon public school […]

Drawing. Brown hand holds green letters spelling out YEJA. Underneath the hand are the words youth environmental justice alliance.

Help YEJA Meet Their Fundraising Goal!

Youth Environmental Justice Alliance leaders hope to raise $500 for a special project called Youth Making a Change Screen Printing Series YEJA youth, and the larger East Portland community, will learn how to design and screen print t-shirts that reflect our social justice values. Through the […]

Lupita, a teenager, standing in front of a banner that reads Bus Riders Unite! Lupita holds a sign reading if I had Youth Pass I would...volunteer!!!

STP Recap: Youth Organizers In Their Own Words

By Lupita Velazquez, Youth Environmental Justice Alliance College Intern I first got involved with OPAL as a high school student at Parkrose. I was recruited to help out with fighting for youth transit justice. Then, I became an Organizer-in-Training in 2014, and it was a […]

Group of young people. One holds a sign that reads youth pass for all. Another person holds a sign that reads are you gonna give me a ride to school?

YEJA Leaders to City Hall: YouthPass is Your Job

Today at Portland City Council, commissioners voted to fund YouthPass for the coming school year at Portland Public Schools. We applaud this continued investment in student and community success. But we are alarmed at City Council’s conversation around the issue. “Why is the city […]

Picture of Maria talking to someone, holding a clipboard.

OiT Maria Gallegos: “Grassroots Organizing is Crucial”

By Maria Gallegos, Organizer-in-Training cohort member I was born in Quito, Ecuador, which is well known for bananas and the Galapagos Islands. But Ecuador is also a victim of US industrialized farming and ecological degradation from tourism. My family and I emigrated to South […]