Seeing Value in the Long Haul

This week, OPAL and Bus Riders Unite leaders met with partner organizations that signed onto the Campaign for a Fair Transfer to discuss the Title Six Civil Rights complaint that OPAL and the Center for Intercultural Organizing jointly issued against Trimet (you can read more about those events here). Throughout the course of these [...]

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Mid-program Check In with the OiTs

From L-R: Emily Brown, Perla Alvarez, OiT Coordinator Vania Loredo, Halla Williams, Omar Omar.

It’s a little past the midway point in the summer Organizer in Training program, and our OiTs wanted to share a little bit of the exciting work they’ve been doing thus far.

Youth Engagement and YouthPass

The OiTs will be [...]

New friends and reNEWed energy!

Did anyone else notice how the month of August just kind of snuck in on us? Along with that comes another opportunity to join your friends at OPAL and BRU! for 1st Saturday organizing. It looks to be a beautiful day, so we expect to have plenty of chances to engage transit riders. Remember, the [...]

A Win for East Portland Bus Stops and BRU!

You did it! You won improvements to 3 East Portland bus stops!

We have GREAT news to share about our East Portland Bus Stop Project. Bus Riders Unite! prioritized East Portland bus stops as one of three priority areas back in 2010 and throughout the process, we’ve had great engagement from people use transit. [...]

Turning Up the Heat in June

We had another great day of 1stSaturday Organizing last weekend, with blue skies and more than 15 volunteer organizers! We even had three youth representatives out with us for their first day of organizing. It was great to see them engaging the public about Youth Pass and Campaign for a Fair Transfer, issues that are [...]

Save the Date: Thursday, June 27th

On Thursday, June 27th, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon will host Voices from a People’s History of the United States, a benefit for the summer Organizer in Training Program at an inaugural fundraising event at Curious Comedy Theatre, located in the heart of Vanport Square in Northeast Portland. The evening will feature community leaders, elected [...]

Guest Post: A BRU Member’s Take

This has been a big week in the world of Bus Riders Unite and OPAL. An active BRU member and outer Southeast Portland resident Eavan Moore is our guest posting for this week, offering her take on the future of Campaign for a Fair Transfer.

Think back to October 2010. Who were you two and [...]

A Year in Review

Thank you to those who were able to join us this last Saturday at Bar Carlo in SE Portland for an intimate holiday celebration. We were able to show our successes of the year in a Prezi presentation, highlighting the dedication and tenacity of our Bus Riders Unite members in 2012 to stand up to [...]

Join Us for a Holiday Party!

(click on the graphic to RSVP)

Join OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon as we celebrate the end of 2012 together as a community! We’ll be showing “Adela’s Journey”, a short documentary created by OPAL organizer Hector Osuna about a Portland bus rider, as well as a photo recap of our biggest successes this [...]

BRU August Membership Meeting

Join the Movement for Transit Justice in Portland! Tuesday, August 14 6:00 – 8:00 PM

(food will be available starting at 5:30)

OPAL Office

2407 SE 49th Avenue, Portland, OR 97206

On Bus Lines: 4, 14, and 71

Please RSVP by August 13: 503-928-4354 or

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