A prisoner in handcuffs and an orange prison jumpsuit. The jumpsuit has the "Trimet Riders Club" logo on the back.

CONFIRMED: TriMet Building Interrogation, Detention Cells

As first reported on KBOO Community Radio (skip to -36:20 to hear segment), TriMet now admits that the $11M Transit Jail will include interrogation and detention facilities.  We’ve been trying to get TriMet on the record about this for some time. Kudos to community-supported media […]

Text: People's Climate Movement. "People's" is underlined.

April 29th People’s Climate Movement: Portland, OR

Climate Action Rooted In Justice! On April 29th, we mobilize! OPAL and our partners in the Oregon Just Transition Alliance are calling on Oregon’s Environmental Justice communities and anyone who stands with people of color and low income people to join the movements for […]

Portland City Council room. Video above on the wall showing Vivian testifying.

OPAL Makes History: Portland Passes Inclusionary Zoning

Today, after years of advocacy at the state and local level, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon secured a great victory. Inclusionary Zoning is now official policy in the City of Portland, the first jurisdiction in the state of Oregon to do so. Beginning in February, […]

Graphic of OPAL's logo. A small person and then two larger people behind surrounded by a circle.

OPAL Members Win Big in 2016

The Board and Staff at OPAL are so proud of our members and allies, and our many successes in 2016. As we head toward the end of the year and the season of giving, we want to thank them publicly for the work they’ve […]

Picture of inside a government room. Huy testifying. Sitting at a table speaking into a microphone.

RECAP: City Council IH Hearing

We had an incredibly strong lineup today for the City Council hearing on inclusionary housing, starting at around 9:30am with two invited panels: Vivian Satterfield, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon Felisa Hagins, SEIU 49 John Mulvey, citizen activist, gentleman Dr. George C. Galster, MIT professor, metropolitan housing markets expert Dennis […]

Picture of dirt with a shovel stuck into it. Person's hands hold a small plant that they are about to put into the ground.

Jade Greening: An Oregon Solution

(This article is part two of a three-part series about Jade Greening, a project to bring environmental justice to our community. Read part one here.) Because the Jade District lacks a tree canopy, and is boxed in by transportation corridors, this majority-minority population of our […]

Screenshot of a youtube video. Person speaking into a microphone. Caption reads: Direlle Calica, J.D., Warm Springs, affiliated tribes of northwest Indians.

VIDEO: OPAL Celebrates Indigenous Leadership

OPAL is proud to celebrate Native American Heritage Month and to uplift the history of indigenous leadership in the movement for Environmental Justice. The struggle of Indigenous people for self-determination, and the right to traditional lands, is the first struggle for Environmental Justice on […]

Graphic. Circle with a drawing of the sun going down behind the mountains. Clouds in the sky.

Cleaner Air Oregon Update

By Dayna Jones, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon Legal Intern and concerned community member OPAL continues to participate and steer the conversation in Cleaner Air Oregon (CAO), a special task force that Governor Brown convened this year to address concerns about air toxics in our […]

Picture of Portland from far away that shows hazy air. You can make out a mountain in the distance.

Clean Air for All

As Cleaner Air Oregon Picks Up Speed, DEQ Must Focus on Environmental Justice to Protect the Most Vulnerable Among Us By Huy Ong, Executive Director, OPAL Environmental Justice and Chris Winter, Co-Executive Director, Crag Law Center On October 18th, DEQ convened the first meeting […]

Picture of BRU members. Jen holds an OPAL banner in the background. Orlando holds a poster that looks like an envelope from Bus riders Unit to Neil McFrlane and Doug Kelsey at TriMet. Orlando is wearing an OPAL t-shirt and is speaking into a microphone.

We’re Winning, But We’re Not Done

E-Fare, TriMet’s costly new change in the way that riders pay for the bus, has the potential to make buses less accessible across the region. Fortunately, Bus Riders Unite is paying attention to these changes. We’re stopping some of the scarier changes from happening […]