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OPAL Members Win Big in 2016

The Board and Staff at OPAL are so proud of our members and allies, and our many successes in 2016. As we head toward the end of the year and the season of giving, we want to thank them publicly for the work they’ve […]

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Environmental Justice is About More Than Recycling

My name is Beatriz Gutierrez. I’m an Organizer-in-Training with OPAL this summer. I was raised in rural southern Oregon, on a small farm with my parents and four siblings. Both of my parents immigrated here from Mexico. We had chickens, which we depended on […]

Lupita, a teenager, standing in front of a banner that reads Bus Riders Unite! Lupita holds a sign reading if I had Youth Pass I would...volunteer!!!

STP Recap: Youth Organizers In Their Own Words

By Lupita Velazquez, Youth Environmental Justice Alliance College Intern I first got involved with OPAL as a high school student at Parkrose. I was recruited to help out with fighting for youth transit justice. Then, I became an Organizer-in-Training in 2014, and it was a […]

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Justice is On Our Side

By Orlando Lopez, BRU Organizer In 2010 I was part of the first cohort of Organizers-in-Training (OiT). Many of the issues that people faced back then are the same issues folks are facing today. Back then, we were getting on the buses and talking […]

Picture of Maria talking to someone, holding a clipboard.

OiT Maria Gallegos: “Grassroots Organizing is Crucial”

By Maria Gallegos, Organizer-in-Training cohort member I was born in Quito, Ecuador, which is well known for bananas and the Galapagos Islands. But Ecuador is also a victim of US industrialized farming and ecological degradation from tourism. My family and I emigrated to South […]

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Nakisha Nathan: Building, Celebrating, and Highlighting Leaders

Everyone at OPAL is so happy to be working alongside our Summer Organizers-In-Training (OIT) coordinator Nakisha Nathan. Nakisha joined OPAL in mid-June of 2016 to lead our summer internship program offering in-depth training in movement building. The OiT cohort engages around Environmental Justice while learning how to […]

From L-R: Emily Brown, Perla Alvarez, OiT Coordinator Vania Loredo, Halla Williams, Omar Omar.

Apply Today for Organizers-In-Training

Organizers-In-Training is now accepting applications for our Summer 2016 cohort! Click here to download the application. Email completed applications and essays to before 6pm May 27, 2016. We’re also hiring a coordinator for the summer program – if you’re a bit more experienced, and want […]