Campaign for a Fair Transfer

Please note: The Campaign for a Fare Transfer successfully advocated to extend transfer times to 2.5 hours after four years of advocacy. This page remains a resource of campaign information.

What is the Campaign for a Fair Transfer?
OPAL’s Campaign for a Fair Transfer is a transit justice campaign to restore value to our transit system in the face of tragic service cuts and continued fare increases. This is a win-win campaign for the community and TriMet that will have minimal fiscal impact.  The two components are:

  1. Extend transfers to three (3) or more hours on the bus and MAX for all daily boardings
  2. Extend transfers through the end of evening service for boardings after 7:00 PM

Read the Campaign for a Fair Transfer Report (opens PDF) and view the presentation (opens PowerPoint).

Three Reasons Why TriMet Should Extend Transfer Times:

1. Value of a Single Fare has Bottomed Out

After historic fare hikes, deeper service cuts, elimination of Free Rail Zone and a move to a flat fare, TriMet riders are paying some of the highest fares in the country for diminishing service and less and less value. Extending the time for riders to transfer helps restore some of that value, especially for riders who live farther out and have less connections and options.

2. The Budget Crisis that Never Was

There is no short-term budget shortfall, not last year, not this year, and not for the next several years. TriMet raised fares and cut service last year on the basis of false budget projections, taking millions from the pockets of riders to support their big-ticket projects and executive pay. The long term financial concern with the union has nothing to do with issues facing riders today. Riders deserve to have our value restored through extended transfer times.

3. More Time to Ride for More Kinds of Riders

Riders who depend on transit have been hurt by TriMet’s budget decision, feeling squeezed to make simple daily errands on the bus, like a trip to the grocery store, pharmacy or workforce agency. Riders who would consider taking transit, to go shopping or go to a sporting event, have left the system because Trimet has decimated the value of a fare. Extending transfer times is proven to grow ridership bringing more money into the system and improving our air quality and safety, benefiting us all.

The Time to Restore Value to Our Transit System is NOW!

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