May 16 Bus Riders Unite Membership Meeting

Last month Bus Riders Unite presented our BRU Budget Alternative to the TriMet Board, and now the fight is just beginning. We need broad public support for this compromise proposal, which reflects some of the best ideas from TriMet’s proposal and smart ideas from […]

Bus Riders Unite rocks the TriMet Board Meeting!

OPAL and Bus Riders Unite members presented our budget alternative proposal which generated $12.5 million in cost savings and new revenue–without devastating fare increases and service cuts. Our presentation won praise from TriMet Board members who said they appreciated the emphasis on finding positive […]

Bus Riders Unite Membership Meeting April 18, 2012

Join us this coming Wednesday April 18th for our monthly Bus Riders Unite membership meeting. We will develop a Bus Riders Unite Budget Alternative for TriMet that will meet our budget needs without drastic fare hikes and service cuts. Bus riders and OPAL members have been brainstorming ideas to fix […]

We All Ride the Bus! We’re all in this together.

Tri-Met’s service cuts and fare increases will affect all of our community–from low-income families going to the grocery store to people trying to find work and get to their jobs. OPAL is helping to organize a broad-based coalition of community groups, unions, and environmental […]

The Truth Behind Tri-Met’s Budget Proposal

TriMet is a public agency yet is not adhering to transit equity principles or operating for the benefit of all communities. Service is no longer frequent, accessible or affordable, and we are headed in the wrong direction. Most troubling, TriMet is not being transparent […]

Equity Impacts of TriMet Budget Proposal

OPAL and our coalition partners are working to ensure that TriMet prioritizes the needs of those who depend on transit the most by investing in our bus system. The bus is the backbone of our system, making up 2/3 of all daily boardings, and is a critical lifeline for […]

OPAL’s new transit justice organizing team

Things are busy here at OPAL – TriMet just released its new budget, and our great new team is hitting the ground running, organizing bus riders and community allies to resist the devastating fare increases and service cuts proposed. Hector Osuna Mondragon has joined […]

OPAL receives EPA award for statewide Environmental Justice work

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon was part of a delegation honored by the Environmental Protection Agency for its work with the Governor’s Task Force on Environmental Justice in Salem on December 16, 2011. OPAL is represented by Board Chair Ben Duncan, who serves as the […]

Join us at our 1st Bus Stop POP!

Wednesday 12/21 4:00 – 6:30 pm Bus Stop POP! Is a form of community education and reclamation that turns neglected bus stops into the center of community celebration. At least once per month EPBS Project will POP up at a bus stop in East […]