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OPAL’s office is located at

2407 SE 49th Avenue

Portland, OR 97206

Our office is located on the #4, #14, and #71 bus routes.

Office Phone: 503-342-8910

You can contact our staff by emailing: [first name] [at]; general inquiries may be directed to

Monthly Bus Riders Unite Membership Meeting:

5:00PM, 3rd Tuesday of every month! | OPAL Office



Work/Volunteer with OPAL:


OPAL is currently not hiring for any staff positions, but volunteers are always welcome.

OPAL values diversity.  People of color, women and working-class people are strongly encouraged to apply!

Volunteer Position Summary
OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon is looking for dedicated emerging leaders for key community volunteer positions to support our Bus Riders Unite transit justice campaign and project work. Volunteers will assist with bus organizing and membership development activities and support office administration. Project work includes the East Portland and/or Cully Bus Stop Projects and the ECO YouthPass campaign.
Key Responsibilities:
  •  Conduct outreach to transit-dependent communities (on bus, at bus stops and apts.)
  • Educate community members about environmental justice and transit equity issues
  • Conduct follow-up meetings with identified community members
  • Support presentations to community meetings and stakeholder groups
  • Participate in bus stop assessment and prioritization
  • Support phone-banking and staffing for community meetings and events
Required Commitment:
  •  Informal interview with OPAL organizer/staff
  • Participation in Bus Riders Unite orientation and/or environmental justice workshop
  • Minimum of 50 hours over three-month period (approx. 4 hours per week)
  • Willingness to support community-based work and ability to be dependable