HB 2015 – Driver’s Licenses for All

Objective: Strengthen and expand access to a basic human right for all immigrant communities. 

Issue: Environmental Justice communities, which includes our immigrant and refugee neighbors, are currently denied access to a driver licence. This inhibits transportation for these individuals, stifling a basic human right. 80,000 to 100,000 Oregon residents could benefit from drivers license expansion. In Oregon, new Federal requirements for Real ID will create barriers for many. The most impacted communities include Oregon’s undocumented population, seniors, the unhoused, victims of domestic violence, and other Oregonians who have difficulty accessing their birth certificate and other paperwork necessary to prove their citizenship status.

What's In The Bill: HB 2015 would expand eligibility for a standard (Class C) drivers license to all Oregon residents regardless of citizenship status. The bill returns the regular Class-C Oregon Driver License to a pre-2008 set of application requirements. The proposed bill:

  • Allows all Oregon residents who pass written and driving tests, pay the fees, and provide proof of identity and residency to receive a standard drivers license, regardless of citizenship status.
  • Provides protection to ensure personal information is secured and not shared with the federal government.
  • Provides anti-discrimination language to ensure an individual isn’t targeted for having a Class C license.
  • An implementation timeline begins on January 1, 2021 to ensure success.


Ways you can Support Driver Licenses: Join us for May Day!

There are only 10 more weeks to pass HB 2015 and secure Driver’s Licenses for All! As next steps continue to move below are some ways that you can engage!

1. Join us for May Day on May 1st from 11:30AM-2:30 PM! We need to get THOUSANDS of Oregonians to the Capitol to show our support for Driver’s Licenses for All.



2.  Join us in Portland for May Day is for Everyone: A Festival of Resistance from 4:00pm-6:00pm! 



3. Take a minute to call your legislator today asking them to pass HB 2015.


4. Take a minute to email your legislator.

If you will like to participate in any of the above, please feel free to reach out to Maria Hernandez Segoviano at maria@opalpdx.org. 




Drivers License Hearing

Thank you to everyone who was able to submit testimony for HB 2015! Check out OPAL's testimony, here.

Thanks to all of the efforts we were able to outnumbered the opposition.  Check out the photo below, thank you for Causa Oregon for continuing to lead in the One Oregon Coalition in this incredible fight. We are happy to stand in strong solidarity! Let's do this. 





Take Action! Join us for the 1st Hearing on Drivers Licenses

After an incredible advocacy day we need everyone to pack the capitol in solidarity of drivers licenses. Join us for a Public Hearing on HB 2015! Let's pass driver's licenses for all. We need to pack the Capitol to show legislators it's time for them to take action. 

To join please sign up HERE  and email maria@opalpdx.org if you will like to come as part of OPAL. 

Can't come in person, submit your testimony in support. 

Testimony Details:

  • Email testimony to: jct.exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov before April 19, 2019 and as soon as the testimony period is open. 
  • The bill is being heard on the Joint Committee on Transportation, therefore address your letter to: Co-Chair Beyer, Co-Chair McKeown, Vice Chair Boquist, Vice Chair Noble and Members of the Committee
  • State your name and share what city or town you live in;
  • Share your story in relation to not having driver licenses or any impacts this has on your family, education, children, work etc. 
  • Make your ask to legislators to support HB 2015. 

If you need any support in writing your testimony, please email or call Maria Hernandez Segoviano at 503-877-4820 or maria@opalpdx.org







Advocacy Day

OPAL is proud of being part of the One Oregon coalition and advocate for Driver Licenses for All. On Tuesday, we joined more than 600+ community members and made a strong statement to legislators about the importance of having this for the safety of our community. Thank you to Causa Oregon Immigrant Rights Organization for bringing folks together. Check out the the gallery below as a recap. 



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Thank you to all community members who came and made this day an incredible one! Stay tuned on how to continue to be engage. 



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