What We’re Doing, Where We’re Going

2018 was an incredible, challenging year. So much happened, it’s hard to recap it all. National and international news may have dominated the conversation, but the work on the ground here in Oregon has been monumental. A new majority of voters in Oregon and in Portland stood up to the hate, divisiveness, and fear-based politics of the last century, and together we protected Oregon’s immigrants, low-income women, system of governance, and our right to determine the clean energy future.

During the hectic 2018 election cycle, OPAL put the finishing touches on our strategic plan, to guide the organization for the next 4 years. Rather than put out a strategic vision that disregarded the outcomes of 2018, we held back to be sure we were on the right track. Spoiler alert: we are.

OPAL 2018-2022 Strategic OverviewOPAL is now pleased to present the 2018-2022 OPAL Strategic Roadmap, highlighting the overarching goals and key strategies that guide us as we advance our vision of Oregon’s environmental and climate justice agenda. We’ll be working with our partners to sharpen and elevate our analysis across Oregon, protect the human and civil rights of frontline communities, and we’ll do it the only way we know how: through organizing people, alliances and money, advancing a positive policy vision and strategic narrative, and maintaining a strong and resilient organization for the future. Our mission, building power for environmental justice and civil rights in our communities, remains the same. But our vision for our future is based off the feedback of countless members, allies, partners, and those who donate to, contract with, and make grants for OPAL. To the hundreds of people who informed this plan: thank you!

Check out the new Strategic Overview in PDF format here, or click the image to zoom in.

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