Solidarity With All Targeted Communities

This post contains links to and content discussing various forms of white supremacist and misogynistic violence.

OPAL’s staff opposes the violent and paranoid ideology of white nationalism and white supremacy.

We stand with trans people. You will not be erased. We stand with women whose rights are under attack at our ballot box and in our national courts. We stand with the Jewish community – and against the antisemitism that propels white supremacist conspiracy theories. We stand with the Black community, who for centuries in this country have been brutalized and murdered by white supremacists. We stand with every person targeted by senseless acts of paranoid white supremacist violence. We stand with Native Americans, felons, and Black people who wish to vote, but have long been disenfranchised. We stand with the immigrants and refugees marching toward the United States not just today but every day. We stand with the undocumented, and their US-born children whose citizenship is guaranteed by the 14th amendment. We stand with the people of the world who resist fascism and white supremacy in all their forms, from the heartland of the US to Brazil, France, and beyond.

We must be resolute. Dark days are many, and we know there is much to be done to protect ourselves. The first and foremost way we will beat white nationalism is by organizing. By joining together in solidarity, across all our differences, and supporting the leadership of those who are the constant targets of their hateful violence. We can not reason with white nationalism, because it does not rely on reason to spread. Instead, it relies upon fear, hatred, and exploiting our differences. We overcome it by embracing our unity, standing up to bullies of every stripe, and remembering our commonality when those in power attempt to divide us.

Many of us are working very hard during this election cycle to defend immigrants, protect women’s rights, and to win a clean energy future, among other priorities. Thank you for what you do for our movement. But just for a moment today, remember to breathe. Remember that the vast majority of the world simply wants to eat, sleep, love, and dream in peace and harmony. It is a small percentage of all people who embrace the hate and division we hear about so often in the news – and these are people who are misguided by their fears, and exploited and deceived by their leaders. Through patience, diligence, and beloved community, we shall overcome. Educate yourself on this political moment, nourish yourself with food, rest, heal, and prepare yourself. After the election, no matter its results, we will have work to do. OPAL will forever remain a sanctuary for communities under siege to come together to do that work. We hope you’ll join us.

In Unity,

Adrian Cato

Huy Ong

Janaira Ramirez

Julie Reardon

María Hernández Segoviano

Orlando Lopez Bautista

Shawn Fleek


PS) OPAL is a part of the Portland United Against Hate coalition. We have developed a hate crime reporting tool. If you’re in Portland and you witness or experience any type of hate or violence, please report it using this tool.

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