A Sad Goodbye, and Important Announcement

Marissa Naranjo stands in front of Crater Lake in a purple coat.To the OPAL Family,

Some of us may already know that Marissa Naranjo has decided to return back to New Mexico to attend to needs stemming from a very unexpected family medical emergency.

Marissa wanted to share the below note:

While I leave one family to take care of another, I’ll continue to hold the time and energy we’ve spent together in our collective work toward a just transition very close in my thoughts and prayers. I’m grateful for the seeds you all have planted in cultivating this movement of movements and it truly has been a privilege to have a small part in forging this transformational  pathway with so many creative, brilliant, and compassionate people, many of which I was happily surprised to find out at our recent Just Transition Retreat are talented karaoke singers as well!

Having the opportunity to organize for OJTA has been such an exciting and heartwarming honor, and building relationships to empower one another and our frontline communities with you all has easily become one of the most impactful and inspiring experiences of my life. There are so many hopes that I have for OJTA in becoming the center of gravity for leveraging strategic just transition efforts across the state and beyond that will no doubt come to fruition with your leadership, insight, and  collaboration. I look forward to staying in touch, hearing about, and bragging of all the success and milestones to come while carrying on the vision and spirit of OJTA in my future endeavors.

Unbi’agindi heda kun’da woha // With respect and gratitude,

Marissa Naranjo

We will miss Marissa’s humor, energy and thoughtfulness. We hold her and her family close and send them our love and positive thoughts. We know our paths will meet again and affirm that Marissa will always be part of the OPAL Family.

With that, we are looking for our next Coalition Organizer for the Oregon Just Transition Alliance! We need a person who is fired up about building power and supporting frontline leadership in building a pathway away from a extractive and exploitative economy to a regenerative living economy!  Check out the job description here. Please circulate to your networks!


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