Where Do We Go From Here?

OPAL Strategic Overview - 2014-17 Environmental Justice Agenda - Building the EJ Movement People Power (• Organizers-in-Training • Leadership Development • Youth) Transportation Justice (• Develop Bus Riders Unite membership & leadership • Hold TriMet accountable to transit equity & transparency • Lead Transportation Justice coalition to advance regional  equity outcomes) Climate Justice (• Raise awareness of air toxics and public health concerns • Support EJ communities to ID risk-reduction strategies • Advocate for increased  monitoring and enforcement • Climate justice action) Inclusive Housing • Repeal inclusionary zoning prohibition in Legislature • Promote inclusive housing policies in local jurisdiction • Raise public awareness of housing mobility and AFFHBetween 2014 and 2017, OPAL used a Strategic Framework (pictured) to guide our decision-making, hiring, and organizational growth. We’re proud to say that the high-level goals of the plan were unequivocally met and advanced. We repealed the Inclusionary Zoning ban at the legislature. We built a strong youth organizing base. We’ve led Climate Justice actions, raised awareness of air toxics, and assembled the Transportation Justice Alliance to fight for regional transit priorities. Now, it’s time to look ahead.

This year, OPAL is engaged in a process of visioning our next five years… and we want your help!

Can you take a moment to take OPAL’s Strategic plan survey? The results will help us create our vision of the high-level priorities that will guide our work over the next 5 years!

OPAL’s best years are still ahead. We hope you’ll take the survey here to help us shine!

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