VIDEO: Must-See #DefendYouthPass Testimony!

Co-chair of the Multnomah Youth Commission’s Sustainability Committee Elexis Moyer testified at City Council’s Budget Hearing last night, and you need to see it. Watch the video below:

(view their entire testimony here, along with many others at the same link)

This is the entire point of our fight. The Council forged an agreement on YouthPass last year that the Mayor has failed to maintain:

  • The Mayor was supposed to direct PBOT to assess the cost of YouthPass. He did not.
  • The Mayor was supposed to convene stakeholders, including youth voices, to plan for the future. He did not – and the only meeting his office did convene around YouthPass, the Mayor did not attend.
  • The Mayor committed to bringing TriMet and school boards together to address transitional funding. He did not.

Overall, this is a failure of leadership at the city, and there has been no accountability. While East Portland youth are forced to bear the burden of losing this program, City Hall jumped at the chance to amend the budget to fund wealthy white community centers in Southwest.

Take action: Call Ted Wheeler’s office and demand that YouthPass be included in the 2018-2019 budget. YEJA has presented a clear strategy for funding the program at TriMet next year. That strategy requires the City meet its obligations to Youth.

Calling City Hall:

  1. Call 503-823-4127 – this is the “Opinion” line for Mayor Wheeler
  2. Be respectful. Leave your name and number and say that you are a constituent.
  3. Leave a message about why you support YouthPass. Be sure you speak for yourself and your values. Personal stories are very effective.
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