Understanding Air Toxics

download (2)In response to community concerns about air toxics in our neighborhoods, OPAL brought a student researcher into our organization to do an in-depth study on air toxics. OPAL Air Toxics Intern Kate Jentoft-Herr compiled an 80-page document to help OPAL staff understand the issues of air toxics, diesel particulate, and the local and national contexts behind clean air regulation.

As we move from the passage of SB1541, which provides a framework for the state to finally regulate a few of the worst polluters in the state, we must understand the fundamentals. Rulemaking will begin later this year that sets allowable limits for air toxics, among other new protections for everyone who breathes Oregon’s air. The document is an easy-to-understand yet fairly comprehensive review of the science behind air toxics, and we consider it required reading for anyone who has trouble following the sometimes technical conversation.

Thanks to the author Kate Jentoft-Herr for her contributions to our understanding of this complex issue!

Read the report here.

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