Our Transit Justice Priorities

OPAL, Bus Riders Unite!, and our Fellows are here to make sure that TriMet works for the community. In the past few years, we've grown increasingly concerned with the decision-making that oversees the system. Because of the recent turmoil at TriMet, we've decided to put forth a comprehensive platform which reflects bus rider priorities. This platform is current as of March 13th, 2018.

Photo of people carrying signs. Several of the signs say Why Pay more for less?

OPAL and BRU Values and Expectations for TriMet Leadership

Accountability – Transparency – Community Involvement & Oversight – Bold Leadership – Rapid Problem Solving – Deep Democracy

Improve East Portland Service

Fund and Sustain YouthPass

Stop the Militarization of Public Space

Maintain Fare Levels & Improve Service

Involve Community in Selecting Leadership

Repair the Disconnect with Riders

Make eFares Work for Parents

Make eFares Make Sense

Make eFares Accessible and Optional

Become a Sanctuary System

Explore New Revenue

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