Stand with OPAL in 2018!

Power fist surrounded byt the text "all power to the people"Take the pledge! Stand with OPAL in 2018 as we advance Environmental Justice across the state!

Environmental Justice Values:

Frontline Leadership – The people most impacted should be fairly treated, and meaningfully involved in decision-making.
Self Determination – No one can claim to represent us. We speak for ourselves: youth, bus riders, renters, everyone.
Solidarity – Our organizing and campaigns must work to end all systems of oppression.

Environmental Justice Demands:

Transportation Justice – Safe, accessible, affordable, efficient, and decriminalized mass and active transportation is a human right!
Housing Justice – Safe, accessible, affordable and stable housing choice is a human right!
Climate Justice – Clean air, water, and soil in communities resilient to climate change is a human right!
Green Justice – Green public spaces, culturally-relevant food, and sustainable, living-wage employment in our communities is a human right!

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