Grassroots Fundraising Victory!

EJ Champions Victory!Victory! Through the power of grassroots organizing, building relationships, and setting attainable goals, EJ Champions raised more money than ever before! We have secured and received pledges for more than $50,000 in grassroots donations in 2017. That’s HUGE! This pool of unrestricted resources helps pay for childcare, translation, transportation, stipends, meals, and other supports to make OPAL a family-friendly, nurturing, accessible, and powerful space. 

EJ Champions are the brave OPAL supporters who do more than just give money. They also ask their friends to give, growing our movement through direct conversations about class, privilege, and making our values real in the world. Organizing their families, workplaces, churches, and neighborhoods, they gather real resources into the hands of low income people and people of color.

OPAL runs an annual campaign that sets a higher and higher goal each year. The funding we get from individual donors is unrestricted, helping us to remain politically independent and tactically nimble. Flexible funding is powerful, and doesn’t come with strings attached, unlike much of the money we receive from foundations and contracts. We value our partnerships with philanthropy and other institutions, but the movement must fund itself, and EJ Champions make that happen for OPAL, all across the state.

When OPAL sets out to win EJ victories for our communities, we are successful. Sure, there are setbacks. But this work is too important to give up when times are tough. We build power in this movement with every dollar raised, and thanks to our EJ Champions, OPAL is on target to have our most successful fundraising year ever.

We’re not stopping. You can make a donation today to be a part of this banner year for OPAL. If you want to help us continue to build grassroots, politically-independent power, join EJ Champions. To get involved, contact Community Engagement Coordinator Shawn Fleek: email or call 503 774 4503.

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