AUDIO: Oregon’s Frontlines Demand Clean Air

OPAL is a part of a broad coalition of community groups who believe the air quality in Portland has been bad for far too long. Communities of color face unequal exposure to toxics from diesel, on-road emissions from cars and trucks, and point sources like the Bullseye Glass factory that made headlines early last year. Oregon’s Governor called for a process to craft new air quality regulations, but has so far failed to meet community demands.

At recent meetings of the process, called Cleaner Air Oregon, impassioned community members have testified to the need for real, health-based air quality regulations. Several of those community members happened to be closely aligned with OPAL and our allies in the fight for accountability from industry, including organizers who trained last summer with OPAL. So we captured the audio from recent public testimony and put it online. Get inspired with us. Listen to it here:

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