Oregon Just Transition Assembly Program Details

The Oregon Just Transition Assembly is bringing together targeted, frontline communities from around the state to discuss the path to a Just Transition. We are taking particular aim at dismantling white supremacy and building an economy based in interconnectedness, cooperation and caring. The agenda for the weekend is packed with inspiration, deep analysis, and wisdom from some of the world’s best organizers, advocates, and warriors for environmental and climate justice.

Along the way, we’ve created a multilingual, multigenerational organizing space. Youth and elders, immigrants and refugees, transit riders and farm workers, union leaders and other communities targeted by white supremacy, environmental racism, and economic exploitation. We’re all coming together because another world is possible, and we believe that we will win.

Check out the program notes:

Day 1 – Invest in Our Power, a fundraiser to support the Oregon Just Transition Alliance (Ages 21+). $25 gets you one free drink ticket and admission to the opening night kickoff of the Assembly. Khanh Pham of the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, who serves as board chair of OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon, will welcome frontline communities to Lagunitas Community Room. A brief program will introduce a few of the many organizations sending members to the Assembly, listen to some music, and drink a few pints, with all drink sales and proceeds going directly to support the Oregon Just Transition Assembly. Invited participants in the Assembly will be granted free entry to this event.

Day 2 – End the Bad (invitation only) – Invitees from across the state and country will come together for a day of detailing the heartbreaking destruction of the web of life resulting from the global crises of empire, ecology and economy. The goal is coming to a shared understanding of how the extractive economy works. We’ll hear from a panel of national experts about how white supremacy impacts struggles for environmental, economic and social justice. We will break down how imperialism, false environmental solutions, and struggles for economic justice interact to lead to exploitation and extraction of our communities’ resources and wealth. We will grieve for the damage and loss we’re experiencing.

Day 2 – Follow The Leaders (white allies RSVP required) – We’ve directed our allies in the mainstream environmental movement, and white racial justice organizers, to hold space and conduct a training for white allies to the Just Transition. White People Have Work To Do.

Night 2 – Roots, Rhythm, Revolution: A Night of Cultural Resistance (all ages, free for youth under 18) – $10 for entry to this event. After a long day of analyzing the problems and pain our communities face, we will claim this space to express ourselves, and voice our joys and our sorrows. This evening of arts and culture will feature spoken word, live music, DJs, dance, song, and more. The event is free for invited attendees of the Just Transition Assembly. The broader community is invited to purchase a ticket and come celebrate the diversity of our vibrant, thriving, resilient cultures. Proceeds from the event are placed into the direct control of the frontline communities – feeding and growing the Just Transition. The event will feature food for sale from local food carts owned and operated by frontline community members. This is a family-friendly, alcohol and drug free event.

Day 3 – Build the New (invitation only) – Having deepened our understanding of the extractive economy, and celebrated as a community our diversity, it’s time to be bold, visionary, and oppositional. Day 3 will see our communities making clearer our vision of an economy that works for everyone. A panel will discuss how rural and urban organizing can be mutually supportive but often operate in silos. We’ll discuss how we avoid false solutions, take back the power that is rightfully ours, and put our labor into work that is meaningful, interconnected, and mutually-supportive. Together, we will construct the Oregon Just Transition Agenda.

Day 4 – Justice for the Worker (invitation only) – Schedule of activities for this day is confidential. We’re taking action for a Just Transition. Events will challenge power, contest jurisdiction, and build strength for the work that is to come. Nationally-renowned trainers will provide key skills to ensure our communities can put force behind our actions.

Support Oregon’s movement for a Just Transition –  invest in the good today.


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