Every Oregonian’s Guide to Participating in the Oregon Just Transition Assembly

There’s a role for everyone in Oregon’s Just Transition. Read on to learn how you can get connected to this growing statewide movement during the September 1st through 4th Oregon Just Transition Assembly. The environmental degradation, economic collapse, and crisis of empire we are experiencing necessitate your participation.

Understanding the Intentional Frontline Space

Oregon Just Transition Alliance (OJTA) has created a space at the Assembly for up to 250 frontline community members to come together and Build the New. We’ve defined and identified who we’re looking for, and we’re in the process of sending out invitations to build a room of people from every community impacted by environmental and climate injustice. We’re the communities who have long been colonized, enslaved, displaced, and targeted.

If you haven’t been invited, there are still methods to engage!

Method #1 – Invest In Our Power!

The first evening of the assembly is a mini-fundraiser to support the Oregon Just Transition Assembly. The dollars raised will be placed directly into the control of the invited participants, guided by the OJTA Steering Committee. Que Bacano will provide guests a catered meal. At the event, you will meet and mingle with community members who believe a better world is possible. You’ll hear from some of the impacted people who are leading the statewide movement. You’ll get a sneak preview of the process we’re heading into. This is your chance to show up in a material way for the frontline communities of Oregon, learn, and have fun doing it. A Just Transition will divest in the dominant economy and invest in the new. As we Build the New, we need to move resources directly into our communities’ control. Tickets are $25 and come with one free drink token.

Method #2 – Following the Leaders

If you’re not among the many historically-marginalized groups invited to envision the future at the Assembly, there’s a way for you to participate, too. We’ve directed our allies in the mainstream environmental movement and white racial justice organizers at SURJPDX to create a parallel process for white allies to learn what a Just Transition means and how to support the leadership of our communities. While not internal to the Assembly, our allies are coordinating with us to ensure that this space builds our power with and supports the Assembly’s goals. More information on allyship training the weekend of September 1st will be announced soon.

Method #3 – Celebrate our Cultures of Resistance

On Saturday night of the Assembly, we’re inviting frontline community members to express their unique talents and cultures through an evening of art and performance. Roots, Rhythm, Revolution: An Evening of Cultural Resistance, will celebrate our songs, dances, visual arts, and more. Frontline community members who are a part of the Assembly have free access to this space. The broader community is invited to this unique occasion, a chance to uplift the individuals and communities doing the work to imagine Oregon’s Just Transition, and contribute to the resource OJTA controls in our work. Tickets are $10.

Method #4 – Show Solidarity

The final day of the Oregon Just Transition Assembly will feature collective action to advance the priorities our communities have spent the weekend working to identify. We invite the broader community to come together with us and learn what the Assembly has produced, and to join us in solidarity. Tentatively scheduled to take place at NAYA Family Center, but with flexibility as there may be a compelling reason to meet elsewhere depending upon the results of the Assembly. We will announce the location of the action in the day prior.

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