EJ Champions Campaign Is Here!

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On Tuesday night at Voices we announced the launch of our EJ Champions Campaign!

OPAL has organized for and won a bunch of victories this year. We have seen expansion of YouthPass, implementation of Inclusionary Zoning, and people power won the Low Income Fare Equity campaign. We have organized broad coalitions to build power on vital Environmental Justice issues. We have worked to ensure that our community plays an active part in decision making by fighting barriers to participation.

We are asking you to be a part of this work.

The EJ Champions Campaign is how everyone can support the leadership of frontline communities. EJ Champions give to support OPAL when we provide meals, translation, childcare, and stipends for low income people and people of color. In this campaign, we ask supporters to do more than just give: we want you to ask your networks to invest in OPAL as well. We choose to engage in grassroots fundraising because it is consistent with our values and beliefs about the power of grassroots community organizing.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 by August 31. We are thrilled to announce that we have already raised 60% of our goal! We’re just $15,000 away from victory!

We know that our supporters care about OPAL, care about Environmental Justice, and care about our communities. Becoming an EJ Champion is a way to invest money and time in the movement and contribute to shared solutions. Investments, like those made by EJ Champions and the friends they recruit to give, make it possible for our communities to lead and keep winning victories.

Will you invest in the leadership of communities of color? Will you recruit others to give?

If you choose to become an EJ Champion and donate now, your donation will be matched by NWGSDPDX! This awesome group has pledged a grant to match the first $5,000 of donations!

Our EJ Champions do more than invest money; they invest time and energy helping us to build our web of supporters. Do you know anyone else who should be a part of this work, who can support this campaign?

Become an EJ Champion today. If you are willing to ask even one person to give, you can be a part of this movement. Email info@opalpdx.org, or call 503 774 4503 and speak with Community Engagement Coordinator Shawn Fleek.

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