Who Cares About OPAL? EcoVibe Apparel and Toast

1percentfortheplanetOPAL is proud to be a part of the 1% for the Planet network. The network connects businesses and non-profits who care about the environment in a mutually-supportive partnership: nonprofits highlight their business partners, and businesses donate 1% of their annual profits to the nonprofits in the network. Businesses who join the network must meet certain requirements to achieve B-Corporation Certification, meaning they’re ethically-run, employ sustainable business practices and materials, and serve a mission-driven purpose, rather than simply existing to generate profits.

OPAL currently has a partnership with two Portland-based businesses through 1% For the Planet.

a woman in a pretty dress sits in a greenhouseEcoVibe Apparel is an Alberta Street women’s clothing and accessories shop who seek to offer their customers fashions that are created sustainably. “The concepts of Eco Fashion and Sustainable Fashion mean different things to different individuals. Here is what it means to us: We take time and care to consider where and how things are made, who makes them and what they are made out of. We cannot be everything to everyone, but we keep the planet and people in mind in all that we do. We focus on soft fabrics and products that are ethically produced, jewelry and accessories that are locally made from recycled and natural materials, and we donate 1% of all of our sales to 1% For The Planet to ensure that we are always giving back to environmental causes.”

a wooden phone case which is laser-engraved to have a sunflower pattern on the backToast is a Portland-based manufacturer of customized, laser-etched wood and leather cases for phones, tablets, laptops, and more. “Social and environmental responsibility has been the backbone of our company since day one. It is our mission to create incredible products, cultivate a fantastic workplace, and do powerful work to protect our shared natural world. We’re a band of artists, tree huggers, designers, dreamers, musicians, makers, bike enthusiasts, builders, coffee drinkers, culture makers, and a lot of other rad things we won’t mention to save you from excessive scrolling. Suffice it to say, we stand by what we believe in, and we believe in loving what you do. That’s why we make Toast.”

We are also grateful to other businesses, in and out of the 1% for the Planet network, who reach out to support OPAL by donating goods, services, and money.

If your business or small enterprise wants to support OPAL – let’s talk. The business community has an important role to play in the movement for Environmental Justice. Businesses like EcoVibe and Toast are divesting in the old, extractive economy and investing in the new, renewable economy. Their investment in OPAL is an important step toward that future.

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