Frontline Organizers Change The World

We’re now accepting applications for our summer leadership programs Serve the People (available to youth ages 12-19) and Organizers-In-Training (OIT, open to anyone 18 and older).

OPAL’s summer programs provide hands-on organizing experience, teach life-changing skills, and connect participants to movement-building work. Trainers from the social justice movement lead workshops and help participants understand the fundamentals of organizing, campaigns, and grassroots advocacy. Our experienced organizers lead and coach the next generation of movement-builders to develop and implement plans for action, understand the tools of the trade, and make a difference in the community.

With intensive leadership development, we grow the OPAL family and strengthen movements for justice and self-determination. Previous years’ graduates have gone on to organize across the country, and a few have even earned ongoing positions with OPAL. If you or someone you know wants to make the world a better place, it starts right now. Applications for Serve the People will be open until May 19th. Organizers-In-Training applications open on May 17th and are due no later than June 10th.

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