Sign the Petition! No Transit Jail!

TriMet snuck $11M into their next budget for a new transit police facility. Bus Riders Unite, Portland’s transit riders union, says JAIL NO!

NO INCREASED FARE ENFORCEMENT! We do not need a new transit police facility located steps from the Rose Quarter and Lloyd Center Max Stops! Currently 1 in 5 fare enforcement stops happen at the Rose Quarter.

STOP PROFILING ON TRANSIT! In a recent PSU report, data has shown that even though Black people make up 7% of transit riders, they are almost 18% of people who receive citations, and 22% of those excluded.

NO UNAFFORDABLE FARES! Riders need a low-income fare, YouthPass expansion, and ultimately zero fares! TriMet has already agreed that we need a Low Income Fare that is similar to the Honored Citizen pass. This should be prioritized!

NO ICE ON BUSES AND TRAINS! We need a “sanctuary system” and zero collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)! San Francisco’s BART system recently proposed just such a policy.


We demand:

  • a sanctuary system modeled after San Francisco’s proposed BART policy
  • public forums to hear community perspectives on the Transit Jail
  • an equity report regarding fare enforcement and the location of the Transit Jail
  • the FY2018 payroll tax increase ($24.1M) should only fund increasing service, improving accessibility (low income fare and YouthPass), improving bus stops, buying buses, or backlogged maintenance
  • disclose the “savings” and where the savings will go.
  • TriMet’s budgeting process must include community input! More than 1,500 cities across the world have “participatory budgeting” processes, where community directly controls how public dollars are spent.

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