CONFIRMED: TriMet Building Interrogation, Detention Cells

As first reported on KBOO Community Radio (skip to -36:20 to hear segment), TriMet now admits that the $11M Transit Jail will include interrogation and detention facilities. 

We’ve been trying to get TriMet on the record about this for some time. Kudos to community-supported media like KBOO for digging into this important question. Here’s the relevant quote from reporter Desiree Helligers (-20:03 on the recording):

“In a brief phone interview, TriMet spokesperson Roberta Alstead took issue with descriptions of the new facility as a ‘jail,’ but she confirmed that it would in fact include two to three holding cells. I asked Ms. Alstead if the new facility would include space to interrogate people who are being detained. She took issue with my use of the word ‘interrogate,’ but acknowledged that yes, in contrast to the existing facility the new space would have room devoted specifically to the purpose of questioning people who are being detained.

TriMet’s multi-million dollar spin machine wants to distract us from the militarization of our transit system. Riders can and must fight back. Sign our petition, share it with your networks, volunteer, and call 503 774 4503 to get involved.

Read our original report on the $11M Transit Jail here, and riders’ response to the news here. Riders demand a BRU’s Low Income Fare Equity , not increased police presence on our buses and trains. Sign the petition and get involved!

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