April 29th People’s Climate Movement: Portland, OR


Climate Action Rooted In Justice!

This event has passed! Read the full recap here!

On April 29th, we mobilize! OPAL and our partners in the Oregon Just Transition Alliance are calling on Oregon’s Environmental Justice communities and anyone who stands with people of color and low income people to join the movements for racial, social, and economic justice as pathways to climate action.

All individuals are invited to join to show solidarity. To volunteer on the day-of, click here. RSVP and share the announcement on Facebook here. Grassroots organizations, nonprofits, faith communities, academic institutions, and other groups can formally endorse and support this day of action: click here.

Individuals who want details as they emerge, join the action email list.

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Our Platform:

On April 29th, we mark 100 days of a US administration which represents the economy of the past: greedy, militaristic, misogynistic, and white supremacist. The Portland People’s Climate Movement is grounded in the following principles, based upon those of the National People’s Climate Movement and rooted in the principles of a Just Transition.

People of color, low income communities, and rural and tribal people are at the front line of environmental and climate injustice- our communities must lead the efforts to address climate change. Climate change is only a symptom of much deeper crises that are happening worldwide- the ecological crisis, economic crisis, and the crisis of empire. These crises come from the current dominant economy, created by a system that only works for a few which relies on exploitation and extraction of resources. We must create a system that works for everyone, based on cooperation, close communities, and regenerative processes.

Our communities demand a transition to:

  • Enable frontline communities to forge the path to a new economy. We are exploited workers, whose natural resources are extracted, destroyed, and polluted, whose community wealth is shipped away and privatized, and who are targets of militarism, patriarchy, and white supremacy.
  • Directly and rapidly reduce greenhouse gas and toxic pollution to successfully combat climate change and improve public health
  • Mandate a transition to an equitable and sustainable New Energy and Economic Future that limits the temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels
  • Provide a Just Transition for communities and workers negatively impacted by the shift to a New Energy and Economic Future that includes targeted economic opportunity and provides stable income, health care, and education
  • Demand that every job, in every industry, pays a living wage, protects workers, and provides a good standard of living, pathways out of poverty, and a right to organize.
  • Ensure investments are targeted to create pathways for low-income people and people of color to access sustainable jobs and improve the lives of communities of color, indigenous peoples, low-income people, small farmers, farmworkers, women, and workers.
  • Make bold investments in the resilience of states, cities, tribes, and communities that are threatened by climate change; including massive investments in infrastructure systems: water, transportation, housing, and solid waste, the energy grid and safe, green buildings and energy efficiency to create millions of jobs in the public and private sector
  • Re-Invest in leadership of front-line communities, communities of color, low-income communities, workers and others impacted by climate, economic, and racial inequity to drive towards sustainable energy and a new economic future, not the corporate driven race to the bottom.
  • Policy mechanisms must come from those they impact, protect human rights and critical native ecosystems and reduce pollution at source

What we know:

  • People of color suffer the worst impacts of climate change both in the U.S. and worldwide. Communities of color and low income people are disproportionately affected by natural and manmade disaster. We are the last to leave and the first to respond to disaster. Our communities already lack basic infrastructure to support us – from adequate transportation options to affordable housing and food access. These systems will fail during climate disaster.
  • Housing is a climate issue. Transportation is a climate issue. Energy, education, food, and jobs are climate issues. Every sector of our economy must transition to stop climate change.
  • Our communities are under attack by climate denial rooted in systems of oppression. A bold, urgent, collective response is needed.
  • Historically-marginalized people must lead the transition to advance justice, or the outcomes will not improve conditions for those of us who are most-impacted. Nothing about us without us!
  • Grassroots Global Justice states, “The climate crisis is a symptom of a deeper problem: an economy based on extraction and exploitation of resources and people. This economy benefits a few at the expense of communities and the planet. Climate Action must be rooted in justice. The frontlines of the climate crisis are low-income people, communities of color and indigenous communities. We are the hardest hit by both climate disruption––the storms, floods and droughts––as well as by the extractive, polluting and wasteful industries causing global warming. We are also at the forefront of innovative community-led solutions that ensure a just transition off fossil fuels, and that support an economy good for both people and the planet. People on the frontlines of the climate crisis know what action needs to be taken, and are ready to make change happen. We need our governments and global leaders to catch up with the people on the ground.”
  • The Climate Justice Alliance Principles state, “Living a good life in a good way can only happen by first recognizing that the root causes of the daily economic, environmental and social inequity that plague communities worldwide are also compromising the metabolism of Mother Earth; and that all real solutions must address both the economic and ecological crisis. This recognition is what defines the Climate Justice Movement.”

In Solidarity With All Movements for Justice

  • The People’s Climate Movement is also mobilizing in Washington, D.C. on April 29th, with echo actions taking place nationwide. We stand in solidarity with impacted people around the country and around the globe to demand action to stop and reverse climate change, prepare for and adapt to climate change, and strengthen community to grow our collective power.
  • Environmental Justice was among the Unity Principles of the Women’s March on Washington: “We believe that every person and every community in our nation has the right to clean water, clean air, and access to and enjoyment of public lands. We believe that our environment and our climate must be protected, and that our land and natural resources cannot be exploited for corporate gain or greed – especially at the risk of public safety and health.”
  • Environmental and Climate Justice intersect the great issues of our time. Everyone who fights for racial, social and economic justice must recognize the urgency of this moment, and that our fates are bound.

Get involved! RSVP on Facebook. Organizations wishing to join / take action: click here.

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