Important BRU! meeting approaching

We are at a crucial point in the Campaign for a Fair Transfer, making it all the more exciting to see so many of you getting involved. Including our OiTs, OPAL had about 16 people out talking with transit riders last weekend for our monthly 1st Saturday Organizing day. That gave us enough organizers to divide into four groups, each engaging dozens of people and messaging the CFT.

TriMet has returned their financial analysis of extending transfer times and we have begun a facilitated dialogue with TriMet brass about the details and methods behind their numbers. With TriMet beginning to shape a decision on extending transfer times, it is more important than ever that we inform as many transit riders as possible. Between 1st Saturday Organizing days, you can talk with your friends or familiar faces on your bus to tell them OPAL is fighting for them and that Bus Riders Unite! will welcome their ideas and voices.

Bus Riders Unite! would love to see a big turnout at the upcoming membership meeting on Tuesday, June 16th. There are still important organizational decisions to be made, but they need to be made by BRU! membership. If you have not attended a meeting in a while, now is the time. You will also make important decisions regarding the CFT, get updates from the BRU representative on the Transit Equity Advisory Committee, and learn brand new information about the Clean-Air Act and how local decisions are affecting our health. BRU! meetings are THE place to stay informed and stay activated. We challenge you to get on the phone and invite two other people to come with you. Please RSVP so we can plan accordingly.


BRU! membership meeting, Tuesday, July 16th

6PM – 8PM at OPAL, 2407 SE 49th (TriMet lines 4, 14, 71)
Dinner and bus tickets will be provided
Spanish translation and childcare available with RSVP

*RSVP to vania(at) or 503-342-8910

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