A Year in Review

Thank you to those who were able to join us this last Saturday at Bar Carlo in SE Portland for an intimate holiday celebration. We were able to show our successes of the year in a Prezi presentation, highlighting the dedication and tenacity of our Bus Riders Unite members in 2012 to stand up to historic fare hikes and service cuts on buses.

This year also brought us Adela’s Journey, a documentary about a Portland bus rider that Lead Organizer Hector Osuna filmed and produced. Take a moment to watch it, whether it’s for the first time for the upteenth time, because Adela’s experience is at the heart of OPAL’s work.

OPAL staff and Bus Riders Unite leaders have been organizing transit-dependent riders for the past three years. It is only because of this dedication to grassroots organizing that we have been able to bring the voices of transit riders to the table to influence transportation decisions and to hold TriMet accountable.

Our successes are due to the belief that a community that speaks for itself can best protect itself.

We will continue to build power for environmental justice and civil rights in our communities. OPAL is on an ambitious plan for 2013 and our continued growth, success and influence is made possible by the support of grassroots donors such as you.

We know your commitment to social justice is unshakable. We’re counting on that commitment now – will you make your end of the year contribution today? 

Thank you, many times over, for your ongoing support and best wishes to you and yours for a lovely holiday season.

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