The Truth Behind Tri-Met’s Budget Proposal

TriMet is a public agency yet is not adhering to transit equity principles or operating for the benefit of all communities. Service is no longer frequent, accessible or affordable, and we are headed in the wrong direction. Most troubling, TriMet is not being transparent in fully disclosing budget information.

  1. Payroll Tax Revenue: TriMet claims it will lose $3.2 million in declining payroll tax revenue using a conservative growth rate of 3.5% despite two years of underestimating revenue by over $7 million using a 4% growth rate
  2. Federal Grant Revenue: TriMet claims it will lose about $4 million in federal grants for bus maintenance/replacement but its GM agreed to not use State Flex Funds to buy new buses in order to fund Milwaukie light rail (Orange Line)
  3. Union Health Care Costs: TriMet claims it will lose $5 to $10 million due to increasing health care costs for operators and mechanics but agreed to that contract years ago and failed to take available steps to reduce costs

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