300 Bus Riders Opinions

OPAL’s Bus Riders Unite is conducting a survey [take survey here] of riders in East Portland on which issues are most important to them.  Volunteers and community organizers kicked off surveying at the East Portland EXPO at Ed Benedict Park on 100th and SE Powell and Sunday Parkways at Bloomington Park on 100th and SE Steele.  Riders were asked to rank issues of importance around:

  1. High and rising cost of fares
  2. Long waits and missed bus transfers
  3. Dirty and dangerous bus stops with no schedules
  4. Overcrowded buses/passing you by
  5. Discrimination by transit policy or drivers

The two events were a success as we exceeded our weekend goal of 100 surveys with 152 bus Rider Surveys filled out this past weekend!  This was all with the help of our lovely volunteers, of course.   Although on Sunday we had more people than food, folks were still happy to be a part of the OPAL team and our community organizing work shone through our lack of picnic organizing.  OPAL is beginning to gain a core of strong and committed community members and their presence this weekend made it clear that our hard work is paying off.

Are you interested in volunteering with OPAL?

  • Be a Bus Monitor
  • Help us Phone Bank (next dates are August 4 and August 9 6-9pm)
  • Sign Making Party August 16th for our September 1st Rally

Call 503-928-4354×123 and talk with one of our community organizers!

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