Rally for the Ride Friday 4pm

  • Do you believe in more affordable, frequent buses in Portland?
  • Does it bother you that TriMet continues to cut the buses & raise fares, impacting the most vulnerable transit dependent communities?

OPAL Bus Riders Unite is rallying in support of increased funding for public transportation operations this Friday June 11th 4pm with the TriMet workers union ATU Local 757 at Director Park on SW Park & Taylor downtown Portland.

Public transportation funding continues to decay in America, and the problem is coming to Portland Oregon.  We have one of the model transit agencies in TriMet, who deserve a lot of credit for their sustainability efforts.  There are challenges and a need to renew priorities – particularly for TriMet’s most vulnerable transit riders, those who really depend every day on public transportation.  Fares have increased over 70% in the last decade, and service cuts have eliminated more than 100,000 hours of bus and MAX service in the last two.

Join OPAL Lead Bus Organizer Shannon Olive and members of OPAL’s emerging Bus Riders Unite! at Director Park by Fox Tower in downtown Portland, to show support for public transportation.

What: Rally for the Ride
Where: Director Park SW Park & Taylor in Portland
When: 4:00-6:00 PM Friday June 11th

If you can attend with OPAL, please let us know!  503-928-4354 or info@opalpdx.org

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