East Portland Youth of Color Mobilize!

East Portland is the fastest growing part of Portland, with the highest number of children and youth.  A majority of these are youth of color, immigrants and refugees.  In line with OPAL’s mission to empower low-income and communities of color for environmental justice, OPAL has been organizing with African American, African Immigrant, Asian Bhutanese and Burmese Refugees.

In June and July, OPAL has teamed up with Audubon to coordinate 3 youth-centered field trips specifically for youth of color and immigrant youth of East Portland.   The field trips include:

The goal is to expose these groups who, due to urbanization, immigration, discrimination etc, have had less access to green spaces such as Leach and the Spring Water Corridor.  Youth will also share their stories and concerns about their community, and learn strategies for community organizing with OPAL.

For more information, contact OPAL Community Organizer Grayce Bentley 503-928-4354 grayce at opalpdx.org.  OPAL has worked with youth through different programs and activities including Voices for Empowerment, and school-based education.  OPAL is an active member of the East Portland Action Plan, and supports efforts to increase youth participation in our community.

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